Add Gifts Right From Safari

Learn how to add gifts right from Safari.

Open Up Safari


Open up Safari on your device. Navigate to the webpage where the item you want to add to your gift registry is located. Make sure you are viewing the item.


Add the Action


Tap the Share button on the toolbar at the bottom of Safari. A share sheet will appear, and you should see a list of actions in the bottom row. In that list, the action "Add Gift to Registry" should appear. If you do not see this action there, scroll to the end of the row, and tap More. You should then see the action in that list; enable it. Tap the action and a screen should appear.


Add a Gift


When the action opens up, you should see a screen that has a list of all of your parties and text that says "Select a Gift Registry to Add To." If your screen appears like intended, you are ready to add items to your registry. If not, you may need to sign in by opening up the Hostend app and signing in. Do not sign out and resign back in, it could break the connection between the app and the action. If everything is OK, you can tap a party from your list of parties to add an item to its gift registry.




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