Create a New Party

Learn how to create a party in 3 easy steps.

It's easy to create a new party in Hostend, and this article will guide you through it step-by-step. Begin by registering for Hostend, then tap the + in the upper right corner of your screen. You will be presented with steps to create a new party.

Create a Party

Begin creating a new party by entering in the title. The title of your party could be "Alex's Graduation" for example. Next, you can add the location of your party by tapping the location text field. A screen will be presented allowing you to search nearby locations. Enter the location of your party into the search bar and then tap the location when it appears in the list. The screen will dismiss and the location will be added to the text field. Now you can add the start date/time and the end date/time by inputing them into the text fields. After that, you can add the response date, this will be presented to your guests when they receive the notification that they have been invite to your party. Add notes to your party by entering them into the notes text field. Notes are a great way to add more details into your invitations. Users will be able to see notes in the party details.

Adjust More Options

Select the More Options button to see more choices you can make when creating your party. Here, you can set the invitations to private, which hides the guest list from guests. You can also enable "Notify Me When a Guest Replies" to get notified when a guest responds to your invitation. "Notify Me on Other Activity" is infrequently used, however, you should turn it on for important updates that may come through on your party. Now, tap back to return to the previous screen. Review the details you entered and tap Done. Your party has now been created and you can view it in the Parties screen. Tap on it to view more details.

Invite Guests

Next, you can begin to invite guests to your party. Learn more on that here.