Test out the newest and latest features in Hostend before they get released to the public.

Before You Get Started


Before you get started, please note that you will need the following to beta test Hostend:


  • TestFlight®

  • At least 22.1 MB of storage available


Requesting Beta

You can access the Hostend beta here. Make sure you follow all of the directions provided to get setup.

Accepting the Invitation


Open up TestFlight® where you will find Hostend. Please review all of the information before using the Hostend beta. Tap Install to install Hostend. The app will install on your device and you can open it up. You are now testing the Hostend beta software.


Stop Testing


If you would like to stop testing the Hostend beta, head back over to TestFlight®, tap on Hostend, scroll down and tap Stop Testing. You are no longer testing the Hostend beta and you will not receive updates for new available versions. You may also delete the app if necessary.

TestFlight is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.