Moving Forward with Hostend

The future of party hosting: Hostend is an ongoing project. Info about the project and it's progress will appear here soon.

Why Hostend?

Hostend is an amazing new app that lets you host parties with just a few taps. With Hostend, you can invite people using their phone number. You also get access to fancy features like the gift registry & what to bring list.

Create a What to Bring List

Create a What to Bring list that your guests can add to. This list is simple and intuitive, it just makes things easier for you and your guests.

Invite Quickly

Invite guests using just their phone number. Invitations will go through the app or through text message and guests can respond in the app.

Respond in the App

Don't let your response get lost in a group chat or in the mail. You can respond right in the Hostend app and and the host will recieve a notification.

Create an Amazing Gift Registry

Create a gift registry right in Hostend and add items from over a thousand stores.

Get Notified

Get notified when Hostend is available to the public.

Yay! You will recieve an email when Hostend is available to the public.